Always Remember Us This Way – Every time we say goodbye Baby, it hurts

I know it sounds a bit out of content (maybe awkward) but saying goodbyes to lovely people and precious moments during the journey is certainly the greatest challenge to me. This is a very crucial self realisation to me not only in this trip but also in life journey. I figure out my problem when my friends mention that watching the stars near Everest and seeing sunrise in the last day staying in Tibet are their most unforgettable moments. Of course, I experienced what they have said but no matter how fabulous the moments were, I did not live in that moment to the fullest. It is because I know I am going to be super sad when this fabulous moment is never going to happen again. Especially being in Tibet and with this group of amazing people, I could not hold back my emotions and affections and completely attached to every little while. It is still a long way to overcome all these; it is definitely a sign to me in facing my inner anxiety; it certainly means I have gone through similar experiences that made me suffer much in the past. Thank you this journey for giving me such a realization and motivating me to encounter this life challenge.

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