Get myself ready to embark on the once in a lifetime journey to Tibet

The 2 weeks input session of this EL course is absolutely fruitful and precious. The reason is simple. I have gained new insights and knowledge which could not be found easily from the internet, ranging from the speech given by Mr. Alan Au regarding to how a great story could be told, the sharing of Tibetan history from Mr. Johnny Y.S. Lau, to the concepts of sustainable tourism given by Mr. David Man, the Programme Advisor of UNESCO. Listening to them is like reading books about Tibet with different stories. None of them are absolutely objective but this is exactly the crucial process for us to convert information to knowledge. Others than the speakers, the research have done by our group on sustainable tourism in Hong Kong could not be neglected. In studying this topic, we got to realize how over tourism has been impacting different parts of the world, not just Hong Kong but Barcelona, Tokyo, Venice, Paris and etc. It is hard to change ourselves or the audience into responsible tourists just at one Ted talk style sharing but at least we have gained this awareness and spread to the others.  

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