The Spirits. The Belief. The Faith. The Unity.

The biggest inner transformation to me in this EL must be the way how I see religion. I used to think I am a Christian as I was brought to Christian Kindergarten and Primary school and told by the surroundings how everything is constructed by the only God in the world since I was 2 years old. Till one day I realized the rules of Christianity was indeed suppressing my own beliefs. I made an assumption since then; religion is a tool for group of people to control their fellows which is certainly negative in my perspective. With this mindset, I unconsciously hold a doubtful heart to visit any temples when I travel to any part of the world. Before coming to Tibet, I remind myself to erase this kind of thinking to see any local religious rituals as we all know religion is considered as Tibetan’s lifeline. However, to be very honest, I still doubt why people made up stories to explain the existence of God, why we have to turn clockwise in the temple, why people would be willing to hold the Prayer Wheels for their whole life and believe it could eliminate all the crime human have committed. What made me the most confused is that if it is just a tool why are there still lots of people here following the rules? And I figured out that how the others worship doesn’t really matter to me, then why should I judge the others, especially I do not fully understand their culture as a tourist. Not to put your subjective feeling in evaluating religion of different countries is what I have transformed from this journey.

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