Love and trust

On the way back from Mount Everest Base Camp, the car drove past a grassland. There were many sheep and beautiful farms. Thus, we got off the car, went to the grassland, and then played and took photos with the sheep. Yet, actually those sheep belonged to Tibetans there but the Tibetan mother and son welcomed us with smile. This was the part that stunned me the most.

To those Tibetans, we were supposed to be some unfamiliar people who suddenly went into the grassland and approached their sheep. They should be feeling unsecured and frightened, for me as well if I were they, because we might be some bad guys. Nevertheless, they did not stop us from playing and taking photos with the sheep and just welcomed us kindly. Therefore, the trust and love these Tibetans had really touched me a lot. This scene also reminded me a thing that in the past Tibetans would put their keys outside their homes when they went out. Yet, they would not be afraid of other people get their keys and went into their home to steal things. These really show the trust Tibetans have on people.


Imagining similar situations in Hong Kong, if someone we do not know suddenly approaches us, we would feel unsecured and walk away, because we fear that he/she will harm us. In fact, sometimes we may be too protective, and become not willing to trust others too much. This may even happen when we are with our friends and families. In this era with advanced technology, there are fewer and fewer face-to-face communication between people. However, interacting face-to-face is crucial for us to build trust. When we have trust, then we would feel secured and loved. Therefore, when we are with people we are familiar with, we have to learn to trust them so they would trust us. As a result, we can remove the shields and communicating with them using our real heart, feeling the love and trust, just like the Tibetan people.

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