Nature is the best medicine

One of the reasons of joining the Tibet trip was to escape from the hectic life in Hong Kong and relieve the huge stress in work. Arriving at the city Lhasa, the stress in my body was still disturbing me bit by bit. However, when I used my body to experience the beauty and wonder of nature in Tibet, everything changed.

On the way to Mount Everest Base camp, there were many turns which made me feel dizzy and vomiting. Luckily, the car arrived at a lookout so I could have a rest. We were at an elevation of around 5000m now. Stepping out the car, I walked to the lookout and then looked around. Cool wind was blowing me, and I saw magnificent mountain ranges including Mount Everest and snowy top of mountains. Immediately, all the uncomfortable feelings I had disappeared. I felt like I was healed by the nature and I hoped that I could stay there for longer time before going back on the car. Nevertheless, this was not the most stunning part.

After a long car trip, I finally arrived at the Mount Everest Base Camp. Here, I experienced the most unforgettable night in my life. At night, when I looked up the sky, I was petrified and astounded. I could see thousands of stars all above my head, twinkling brightly. I immediately lied on the ground so I could see all stars at 360 degree, and try to find different stars and constellations, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Vega……, and sometimes I could even see meteors. I was just enjoying the moment of looking, counting and recognizing stars. All other things in my mind including study and work stuff were gone and I felt I could put down my stress. I would never forget this beautiful scene in my whole life.

Living in Hong Kong, looking out of the windows, most of the scenes are buildings and roads. I could rarely see hills, trees and even more rare to see stars at night due to serious light pollution. Plus having a busy and stressed life which always have to use computers and type paperwork, I occasionally have a chance to really go out and experience the beauty of nature.

However, the spectacular star scenery in my mind reminds me that, nature is really the best medicine. Feeling the wonder and beauty of the nature, I can really temporary forget the problems and stress I have, and focus on the beautiful nature such as the movement of birds, the sound of wind and leaves, stars in the sky, etc. These are the most precious and effective pills.

Thus, from now on, when I want to relieve my stress and heal my tiredness, I would opt for seas and hills rather than sleeping at home.

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