From Buddhism to Education

Before I learnt about the Buddhist philosophy in a course on traditional Chinese thoughts, I was negative about religion. With the opportunity to visit various temples and monasteries in Tibet, I have come to know more to respect or even appreciate its attitude towards life, which should be a combination of benevolence, wisdom and power.

The debate on Buddhist doctrines among monks in Sera Monastery has impressed me the most. During the debate, whether standing to ask questions or sitting to give answers, all are considered as students who are here to learn from each other. Even if agreement cannot be reached, there is no definitely right or wrong side. On top of such respect to knowledge and “the opposite others”, the critical thinking that it cultivates and the freedom of discussion that it provides has led me to reflect upon education as a student teacher, especially in the context of Hong Kong and mainland China.

Picture taken in Sera Monastery, where monks were having heated debates on Buddhist scriptures under the shades of trees.

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