There is a saying that one must visit Tibet twice in a life: when one loses the meaning of self and when he rediscovers it. Many tourists come to Tibet, “the last piece of pure land”, in search for inner peace and happiness, but I didn’t find mine until our last day in Tibet.

I can still remember the joyful morning of that day, when I was waiting in the dark for the glorious sunrise. No one was around except my groupmates and our mentor. No one was going to break the tranquility except the rooster foretelling the beginning of the day. Seeing clouds turning from white to gold then to rosy pink and the sun jumping out from behind the mountains shining bright, I was almost crying. I know this is what I’ve been searching for throughout the trip – a quiet moment for myself in nature, away from the noisiness and modernity of cities.

Picture taken in Nanshan Park, when the sun was jumping out from behind the mountains, gently waking up the world.

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